Cool and Creamy: Secrets of Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks and More

Cocoa butter is a butter unlike any other. It’s what gives chocolate that rich, luscious, rhapsodic mouth feel. According to experts, it is also the same butter that makes your skin naturally smooth and alluring.

When it comes to skin issues, cocoa butter may well be the remedy you’ve been waiting for, especially if you’re prone to getting stretch marks. For starters, cocoa butter is known to be an effective preventative and treatment option for stretch marks. The same can be said for other kinds of problems that lead to unwanted blemishes on your skin.

Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks: Butter Up You Skin and Make Those Striae Go Away

Stretch MarksWithout doubt, it’s annoying to have stretch marks on the body, which medical experts call striae. Unfortunately, they can be found just about anywhere, whether it’s your thighs, hips, abdomen, buttocks, legs and even your breasts.

Stretch marks appear as a result of sudden weight changes in the body, causing the skin to be stretched too much. This can because of pregnancy, obesity or for teenagers, puberty.

Regardless of the cause for your stretch marks, it is possible to make these marks disappear or at least, become less noticeable. Experts have even said that using cocoa butter for stretch marks before and after sudden weight gain cycles, such as pregnancy can help make them more manageable.

Here are some of the top reasons as to why cocoa butter is a perfect treatment for stretch marks, according to most review forums:

  • Cocoa butter is an excellent remedy for stretch marks during pregnancy.When you’re expecting, you want everything to be right in your world, and that definitely means having no stretch marks around your belly as much as possible. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case, as your growing belly causes for your skin to stretch too much. This means stretch marks could start appearing almost immediately as the middle layer of your skin begins to break.

a pregnant womanAs a pregnant woman, you are looking for a remedy that would treat your stretch marks without putting your baby’s health at risk. This is where cocoa butter comes in. It’s effective. It’s organic. Best of all, it smells nice.

The simple truth is, the best cocoa butter cream for your stretch marks during pregnancy. The best part is it is quite simple to make and only takes a handful of ingredients, including shea butter and vitamin E.

To begin, melt together two teaspoons of cocoa butter and two teaspoons of shea butter in a sauce pan. Once both butters have melted, add in a teaspoon of vitamin E oil. Stir the mixture well together before storing it in a clean container. When this cools down and the oils solidifies, you will your very own organic stretch mark cream.

Vitamin E happens to be rich in antioxidants, which keeps your skin cells from suffering further damage. While it does this, vitamin E also assists the skin in repairing itself, so that stretch marks will become significantly less visible.

For this home remedy to be effective, it is recommended that you apply this homemade stretch mark cream regularly throughout your pregnancy. If you’d like, you can also keep using the same stretch mark cream after you have given birth.

  • Raw cocoa butter is said to be effective for stretch marks caused by obesity.Some argue that there’s nothing like using cocoa butter in its purest form to get those annoying stretch marks to disappear for good. This is because this way, cocoa butter can readily be absorbed by the skin along with all of its stretch mark reducing benefits.

There are a couple of ways in which you can use raw cocoa butter for your treatment of stretch marks. The first one is to use it while you’re enjoying some relaxing time in the tub.

Break off a small chunk from your raw cocoa butter and put in right inside your bath tub while you are running yourself a bath. In just a few minutes, you will notice that the cocoa butter has melted completely into the water.

Once this is done and bath is ready, simply soak your entire body into the tub so that you can coat all of your problem skin areas with cocoa butter. For most effective results, you can apply it every day or at least once a week.

When you use the tub method, just remember to also be extra careful when you go in and out of your bath tub as the presence of cocoa butter in it might just make it a bit slippery.

Aside from letting the cocoa butter melt in your tub, you can also try applying cocoa butter to the stretch marks on your skin with the help of some hot water. This method is especially recommended when you are dealing with a chunk of cocoa butter that is rather brittle or hard.

If you plan to use the shower, go ahead and take a little chunk of cocoa butter with you as you go in. Expose it to the running hot water from your shower and wait for it to get softer. When it does, go ahead and apply them on all the affected areas of your skin.

Aside from this, you may also want to consider rubbing the softened cocoa butter on your skin after you have showered to allow your skin to absorb the cocoa butter more properly.

  • If you have no time for cocoa butter home remedies or cocoa butter chunks, how about trying a highly recommended cocoa butter lotion?In today’s beauty market, there are already a number of lotion, moisturizer and cream products that have been especially formulated with cocoa butter for stretch marks treatment.

Vaseline brandOne of the most popular cocoa butter lotions today is the Vaseline brand of cocoa butter lotion for stretch marks. Among beauty stores, it is better known as Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion.

This Vaseline lotion is said to have been formulated with pure cocoa butter in order to help heal your dry skin to make stretch marks less visible instantly. This is because once you regularly apply the lotion, your skin become more capable of retaining moisture, thereby increasing your skin’s elasticity instantly.

With a more elastic skin, there will be less tendency for breaks to happen in the middle layer of your skin. This prevents any new stretch marks from forming while allowing those stubborn old stretch marks to heal beautifully.

For most effective results, Vaseline recommends cleaning the skin thoroughly first before treating your stretch marks with cocoa butter. Ideally, you should also exfoliate prior to applying any stretch mark lotion.

It is also important to dry you skin with a soft towel after cleansing it, so as to make sure that your skin will not feel itchy, raw or irritated. Gently work on drying your body and afterwards, massage the affected areas with the Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion. Do this in circular motions to help get your skin hydrated right away.

lotionTo make those annoying stretch marks disappear faster, you may also want to combine your chosen cocoa butter stretch mark lotion with a stretch mark cream. This way too, there is lesser chance that stretch marks will ever become a problem for your skin again.

One of the most popular stretch mark creams today is the Stretch Mark Therapy Cream by Skinception. It has been formulated with special ingredients that help reduce the appearance of all of your stretch marks by as much as 72.5 percent in just a matter of two months.

This cream works by increasing the production of collagen in your skin cells so that your elasticity improves right away. As it does this, this cream also goes ahead and makes your skin tone even so that your stretch marks will no longer be visible to the naked eye.

Another simple treatment that you can apply on your skin alongside your cocoa butter stretch mark lotion is argan oil. This particular oil is known to do wonders on the skin and is especially great at keeping it supple, glowing and smooth. You can apply your stretch mark lotion during the day and then treat them with some argan oil later on in the evening.

Cocoa Butter for Other Skin Issues

If you’re suffering from a number of skin problems, look no further than the healing and restorative powers of cocoa butter. Here are some tips on how cocoa butter improves other skin conditions as well as some recommendations on how to apply it:

  • shavingCocoa butter makes for an ideal soap or cream for shaving. Since cocoa butter is smooth and creamy, it helps you easily shave your legs perfectly and without any of those annoying bumps. To use cocoa butter as your shaving cream or soap, all you need are three ingredients: cocoa butter, pure natural coconut oil and any essential oil of your choice such as lavender for women and sandalwood for men.

To make it, melt together half a cup of cocoa butter and half a cup of coconut oil in a small pan. Be sure to put it in low heat. Mix the butter and oil together using a wooden spoon.

Once the cocoa butter has melted, remove the pan from the heat and add in 20 drops of your choice of essential oil. Let this mixture cool down sufficiently. Once it is cooled, mix it well until it becomes fluffy. You can use a hand mixer to do this.

When this is done, go ahead and store the mixture in a clean container. Just make sure that your container is airtight. Store you shaving cream in a cool location so that it will keep longer. Use this lotion every time you shave.

  • Cocoa butter can help treat any rashes, infections or burns on your skin.You may not be aware of it, but cocoa butter is ideal for treatment of certain scars of your skin as it does not contain alcohol or additives that can simply irritate you skin further and make it even more sensitive or inflamed.

To treat your rashes, burns or infections with cocoa butter, simply rub a very small amount of softened raw cocoa butter onto the affected part of your skin. For most effective results, apply this regularly.

  • chapped lipsCocoa butter can be used to treat your chapped lips. Because cocoa butter also happens to be an emollient, it is effective in ensuring that your lips regularly stay hydrated even when you’re exposed to the sun, indoor heat or extreme cold temperatures.

To make your own cocoa butter lip balm, just mix together raw cocoa butter with any flavor of essential oil that you like best. It can be orange, vanilla, grapefruit, lemon or even peppermint.

The best part is, you can readily make a big batch of this homemade cocoa butter lip balm and store them in separate small containers so that they can easily fit your handbag.

If you can’t seem to decide what scent or flavor you want your lip balm to have, you put cocoa butter in various small bowls and simply mix each one with a different essential oil. Just be sure to label them properly.

  • acneCocoa butter can help you remove acne and other scars. There is no reason with you to continue living with acne and any other scars of your body if you’ve got some cocoa butter to make them go away. This is because cocoa butter helps in speeding up cell regeneration in your body to promote faster healing around your skin blemishes.

To treat your acne and other scars on your skin with some cocoa butter, simply melt some cocoa butter over low heat and wait for it to cool down before applying it on your acne and old wounds. Before you know it, your skin has cleared up and you look radiant again.

  • Cocoa butter can help you look ageless. What you probably don’t know about cocoa butter is that it is rich in compounds known as cocoa mass polyphenols. These are a kind of antioxidants that do wonders for the body from inside and out. They keep the skin from degenerating or from becoming too sensitive. Polyphenols are also known to fight a number of chronic diseases and even disrupt cell mutations in the body.

To stay youthful with the help of cocoa butter, simply be sure to apply some of your favorite cocoa butter lotion throughout your skin everyday. For your face, you may also want to try using a cocoa butter cream. Apply every morning and night for best results.

  • make you appear less stressedCocoa butter can help make you appear less stressed. Because cocoa butter happens to be rich in a number of antioxidants, you can be sure that it can readily keep harmful free radicals from ravaging your body. This way, you will readily look less stressed. You might even notice that you look more glowing than usual.

To help keep stress away with the help of cocoa butter, you can try to do a little cocoa butter aromatherapy. To do this, you can simply combine melted cocoa butter with one of your favorite essential oil.

Without a doubt, one of the most ideal essential oils to combine with cocoa butter is vanilla. You can also try combining cocoa butter with some red or green Mandarin oil to help you sleep better at night. Meanwhile, for something that smells both refreshingly citrus and floral, you can also try mixing your melted cocoa butter with some Neroli oil.

Aside from aromatherapy, you can also draw yourself a nice warm cocoa butter bath. To do this, simply fill your bathtub with some warm water and add in two tablespoons of melted cocoa butter oil before you enter the bath tub. Combine this with vanilla essential oil for a more indulgently blissful experience.

  • manageable and voluminous hairCocoa butter is key to achieving manageable and voluminous hair. Don’t you just hate it when you’re in a hurry, getting ready for work in the morning, and your hair is giving you a hard time? Well, with the help of cocoa butter, you’ll never have to worry about that anymore.

Not many people may be aware of it, but cocoa butter is effective when it comes to treating damaged hair especially when its dry or thinning. This is because cocoa butter has a number of regenerative powers that makes your hair healthy and manageable again.

To treat your hair with cocoa butter, simply melt a small chunk of cocoa butter and wait for it to cool down. Afterwards, go ahead and apply the cocoa butter oil all over your hair all the way to your scalp.

Alternatively, you can also make your very own cocoa butter conditioner. What’s great about this is that you can just leave it on your hair so that it will stay soft and shiny all throughout the day.

To make this, simply combine half a cup of cocoa butter with two tablespoons each of organic coconut oil and vitamin E oil in a small pan. To make your conditioner smell nicer, you can also add six drops of vanilla essential.

let the cocoa butter melt completelyPut the pan under low heat and let the cocoa butter melt completely. Be sure to stir the mixture constantly. Once the cocoa butter is melted, take the pan of the heat and let the mixture cool down. This will take around ten minutes.

After this, pour the mixture into an airtight container and put it inside your freezer. Keep it there for around 15 minutes. Pull the container out of the freezer afterwards and leave it to soften. Wait until mixture has the same consistency as butter. Once this is done, your cocoa butter conditioner is ready to use.

This cocoa butter conditioner is not only effective in making hair soft, smooth and glowing, it also keeps dandruff away while making your hair thicker. Not to mention, this conditioner also keeps split ends away.

As long as you treat your hair with cocoa butter regularly, you can readily grow your hair long without worrying that you will end up with split ends or your hair will become dull. You also don’t have to worry about having dead hair too. This also means that you don’t have to go to the hair salon to get your hair treated as often. Indeed, cocoa butter is an effective money saver as far as your hair is concerned.

  • Have mouth sores? Cocoa butter can make it better.Everyone knows that mouth sores can be extremely painful. It bothers you too much that it can even prevent you from enjoying a good meal or a fabulous glass of wine. Luckily for you, all you need is some cocoa butter to fix that mouth sore right up.

To do this, take a small chunk of cocoa butter and melt in over low heat. Once it melted, leave it too cool down. When the cocoa butter is ready, dab on those painful blisters. Soon, you will notice that they are gone and you can have a good meal again.

To treat any other mouth sores in the future, you may want to keep a bit of cocoa butter in a small jar or bottle that you can readily take with you wherever you go. This way, you have a quick mouth sore remedy anytime, anywhere.

In no time, you will see your hair become healthy and bouncy again. What’s more, your hair will have volume again so you never have to worry about having dull hair every time you step out.

When you’re looking for an organic solution that will not give your skin any redness, rashes or allergic reaction, consider using cocoa butter for your stretch marks and other skin issues. It’s up to you whether you want to choose to use raw cocoa butter or as a formulated skin product. Consult with your dermatologist about how you can best apply cocoa butter on your skin.


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