Stretch Mark Creams: Eucerin

Stretch marks show up on skin because of tearing of the outer layers of skin. Typically, this is because weight has been gained and then lost, and stretch marks are often associated with women after a pregnancy. However, both men and women can develop stretch marks, and they become more common as people get older and their skin loses its normal elasticity.

They could be caused because of a fat loss, but they may even be caused by muscle loss if people age and don’t stay as tones as they were when they were younger. In fact, this is often a big problem with retired athletes who still stay fit but don’t maintain the muscle tone that they had when they were professionals.

People with any skin color can develop these marks. They tend to show up as dark or reddish marks on the skin of people with fair skin, and they tend to show up as lighter lines or spots on people with dark skin. These are the same thing, and it is just that differences in pigment make them look difference.

Stretch Mark Creams: Eucerin

Since one of the problems that cause stretch marks may be skin that is too dry to be as elastic as possible, good creams may minimize or even prevent the appearance of unsightly marks. Women may suffer from dry skin while pregnant because of hormone changes. Both men and women usually find that their skin is harder to keep moist when they get older.

Eucerin Cream for moisturizerWhile no cream can totally guarantee that there will be no stretch marks, this product has been judged to be effective by many users. It certainly earns high marks in its price range, and it is one of the most effective budget choices.

Mostly, it is effective as a moisturizer, and it does a very good job doing what it is advertised to do. That is, this product is advertised as a moisturizer, and it is not promoted as a stretch mark preventive cream. However, some qualities of the cream help with that problem too.

It isn’t just the tearing of skin that causes these marks, but it may be more the way that the skin heals. A really good stretch mark cream, unlike Eucerin, has anti-inflammatory agents in addition to moisturizing agents. It will also contain antioxidants that help skin ward off infections and flush out toxins.

As far as moisturizing creams go, this is one that has been judged the best for the price. However, it may not contain the anti-inflammatory agents of some products, and this might not make it optimal for everybody.

This is the product from this company that has earned fairly high consumer reviews: Professional Repair: Lotion for Extremely Dry Skin.

These Are Some Of The Highlights Of This Product:

  • Without added fragrances
  • Inexpensive as an effective moisturizer
  • Prompts some measure of exfoliation

applying Eucerin Stretch Mark CreamsThis product contains a fairly decent concentration of urea, and this substance promotes moisture retention and a moderate amount of skin exfoliation. The only problem is that if a user applies it too thick, it can feel a little tacky until it gets absorbed.

The company has added other ingredients to minimize this tacky feeling. Also, the ingredient is definitely effective as a measure to help prevent dry skin. It works by reinforcing the skin’s natural protective barrier.

For the price, this is a good choice. However, some lotions also include ingredients with antioxidant and antibiotic properties. With those ingredients, this lotion would be a good choice in a higher price range.

Budget Solutions For The Best Stretch Mark Creams

If you need to watch your budget, there may be a good solution. You could choose to purchase a more expensive stretch mark cream that contains anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidants. Along with this, you might also choose to purchase this product.

To make the more expensive choice last longer, you could alternate using both creams. For example, you might apply Eucerin in the morning after you shower and dry off. In the evening, before you go to bed, you might use the more expensive product. This is because bodies do most of their healing and repair at night, so you can make sure your skin has what it needs to stay elastic and firm.

applying Eucerin stretch marks cream before bedIf you alternate creams, you can make sure that your supply of the cheaper and more expensive products both last longer, and this is a way to enjoy the best of both possible worlds. You get to enjoy moisturized skin all day, and this is a good preventative against stretch marks. Also, you will give your skin the benefit of additional healing with the more expensive cream or lotion.

However, if you cannot afford to buy two products, you will certainly do your skin a favor if you only choose to use Eucerin. The main problem that causes stretch marks is having skin dry out. If you can solve that problem, you are likely to minimize or even prevent most stretch marks.

Is Eucerin Effective?

This is an effective product because it is an effective moisturizers. It both supplies moisture to the skin and helps keep moisture inside the skin. There may also be more effective products, but they will probably cost more. So Eucerin gets a YES vote as far as being a good choice for a reasonable amount of money.

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