The Best Skin Tightening Thighs Home Remedy That I Can Find

skin tightening thighsI need to find a skin tightening thighs home remedy, because the skin on my inner thighs is so loose that I feel embarrassed to even wearing a bathing suit out of public.

Every single time I go out in the summer to swim, I feel that I must wear one of the swimsuits that they have that contains a skirt around the top of the legs, or that I need to wear shorts with my bathing suit. I don’t know comfortable any other way.

Certainly, after I lost a significant amount of weight, I was just happy with how incredible I felt and how good I looked when I compared myself to what I looked like before I had lost the nearly 80 pounds that I was able to lose.

And, certainly, I would never trade what I look like now for what I looked like before I put in all of that time and effort and lost all the weight. That’s not even a reasonable comparison.

However, as time went on, I began to notice small imperfections about myself. The shine of the initial weight loss began to wear off and I began to see my body as it really was, imperfections and all. One of the things that I noticed is how loose the skin was around my upper thighs.

The first thing that I did was to begin to do inner thigh exercises like they were going out of style! After all, I figured that since I had been able to change my body so significantly by switching to healthy eating and exercise in my weight loss efforts, then there was no reason to believe that I could not also change this situation that I was facing with my upper thighs by embarking on a stringent exercise program focus on that area.

However, because the looseness around my upper thighs was not caused by excess weight or fat, but rather by loose skin, the exercise program was not nearly as effective as I had hoped that it would be. I did manage to develop very strong muscles around my upper thighs, which gave me slightly more definition ‘ but the loose skin was still there, no matter how many different kinds of exercises I did or how many repetitions I did of those exercises.

The next thing that I looked into was the possibility of getting surgery to tighten up the loose skin that was left around my upper thighs. I researched surgery like that on the Internet, and I talked to several of my weight loss support group buddies about what their experiences had been with getting skin tightening surgery after losing a significant amount of weight.

Next, I began to look up plastic surgeons in my area and I even made appointments with several of them to go into their offices and discuss what my options might be forgetting skin tightening surgery around my upper thigh area.

Although that is still an option that I keep on the table, I must admit that I simply could not get past the idea of going under the knife when I did not have some kind of life-threatening situation that made it necessary. I know that a lot of people do it all the time for cosmetic purposes, and that is their choice ‘ I am not making any judgments on the fact that they choose to do that. I simply don’t think that I could choose the same thing.

So now, I am on a quest to find the best skin tightening thighs home remedy that I possibly can. I have been searching on natural remedy forums and blogs to see what kind of information exists.

I have also been working on a lot of posts weight loss forums and blogs to see if anyone has shared a skin tightening thighs home remedy that works for them. I think one of the best ways to get a solution to a problem is by finding out what works for other people that found themselves in the same situation.

So far, I have found several things that seem promising. I have tried out a few, and I have five or six more that I am keeping in reserve in case the first batch of things that I try is not as effective as I want it to be.

Even though I have yet to find something that has been completely effective, I am not going to give up hope ‘ I am going to hold onto my tenacity and continue to try all the various home remedies and creams that I came across during my research until I finally find the one fantastic home remedy that ends up working for me!

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